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Pig Pen Session 6 ILI Integrity - Lessons Learned from TRC Experts

Apr 06, 2022 4:00 PM


Validation | Challenges | TVC

In-Line Inspection (ILI) is widely considered the most comprehensive integrity assessment method and is being prescribed for more and more oil and gas pipelines.

Join Mike LaMont, Phil Tisovec, Chris Fields, Boris Ratner and Nick Fenstermaker from TRC’s ILI Integrity Team as they cover topics relevant to today’s pipeline integrity environment. Our panelists have deep and varied ILI backgrounds and will discuss first-hand experiences with common assessment challenges.

Topics include:

  • How accurate is ILI data? Can it be trusted?​​​
  • Are you using ILI for TVC efforts? (hint: you should be)
  • What does Validation even mean?
  • What is most commonly overlooked when planning, running or reviewing ILI runs?

Have another topic or question you need help with? Email Phil Tisovec prior to the podcast and let us know about your challenges.

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