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EHS Management Consulting and Advisory

EHS Digital Technology

Establishing and Maintaining EHS Data & Information Systems and Implementation of Devices To Effectively Manage EHS Risks

As regulations and reporting requirements become more digital and companies amass tremendous amounts of data utilizing interconnected sensors and smart devices, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) reporting has become critical and executive leadership teams are looking to use this information to improve their organization’s culture and streamline reporting requirements to business investors and regulators. Capturing, managing and visualizing environmental, health and safety (EHS) data trends is a high priority and driven by using EHS digital technology in the most efficient and accessible manner.

TRC has significant experience strategizing, designing, developing and implementing EHS digital technology solutions by leveraging state-of-the-art, cutting-edge technology to develop and implement everything from small specific custom applications to working with and implementing the largest well-known commercial enterprise EHS information management systems.

Our EHS digital technology approach originates with a thorough analysis of your current business needs and work processes. We focus on your EHS, ESG, security and sustainability goals to evaluate a variety of solutions and implement the solution that best fits your unique needs. Based on our assessment, we then provide the ideal EHS digital technology solutions that are appropriate for the applicable digital technology ESG activities, EHS risks and requirements for your organization.

Our experts can:

  • Analyze and model existing business work processes and identify areas for optimization and improvement
  • Suggest a variety of possible solutions, in a tiered approach, based on functionality and cost
  • Support the entire software selection process working with your appropriate teams across corporate Information Technology (IT), system security, digital integration and financial evaluation with procurement
  • Confirm the EHS digital technology solutions are configured and populated to meet regulatory compliance obligations and reduce regulatory and reputational risk/liability
  • Setup, configure, train, implement and maintain the selected software or custom digital technology solution
  • Assure the EHS digital technology solution is implemented to maximize your team’s desired workflow processes
  • Integrate with your current policies and procedures and/or help develop or revise policies, procedures and tools to meet the ever-changing regulatory and business climate requirements
  • Provide efficient data collection, aggregation and reports
  • Assure data quality and accurate reporting systems are maintained through an auditable QA/QC protocol
  • Meet your company’s EHS, ESG and sustainability business goals.

We specialize in delivering the latest, state-of-the-art EHS digital technology solutions used to support compliance audits, maintain chemical inventories, waste management tracking and inventorying activities and managing EHS regulatory permits, registrations and plans. We also support clients with complete EHS outsourcing solutions as part of a corporate ESG and sustainability strategy. TRC applies this experience to EHS information management projects, implementing EHS digital technology solutions, with the goal of helping you quickly and cost-effectively meet your requirements and achieve your business objectives.

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