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Environmental, Health and Safety Management

EHS Management, Consulting and Advisory

Establish and Implement Consistent and Systemic EHS Solutions for Maximum Performance

A well-designed EHS management system supported by a complementary information management system (IMS) establishes the solid foundation a company needs to achieve its EHS/ESG goals and objectives. TRC’s EHS management system designers have strong expertise in the design, implementation and maintenance of an ISO-based management system, such as ISO 14001 – Environmental Management Systems and ISO 45001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems. These management systems provide the appropriate foundation and related activities to effectively and efficiently manage the EHS/ESG risks for an organization.

When you couple an IMS with the management system that supports and delivers the data and information needs, monitoring and reporting activities and performance tracking of compliance and conformance, an organization is in an excellent position to eliminate or minimize its EHS/ESG risks, as well as meet or exceed its EHS/ESG goals and objectives.

To ensure these management systems and associated IMS are properly performing to applicable standards and expectations, TRC has the expertise and bench strength to establish, conduct and deliver EHS audit services and digital technology consulting to ensure the systems and operations comply with regulatory requirements and conformance expectations. We deliver these valuable services to business and operational leaders to help them minimize impacts to the environment, establish and maintain a strong safety culture across the organization and achieve their EHS/ESG goals and objectives.

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