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Power and Utilities

Digital Grid Solutions

End-to-end IT/OT consulting and integration

Helping utilities navigate IT/OT convergence

The IT/OT convergence will result in a more integrated utility technology ecosystem. Traditionally, Information Technology (IT) and Operations Technology (OT) has functioned in different domains within utilities. Now, as technology advances and data accumulation increases, IT and OT are converging. Managing the IT/OT convergence requires utilities to leverage the data collected by operational technology solutions to make better decisions, predict failures and outages and increase operational efficiency. The broader fields of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence provide these opportunities. TRC helps the utility industry modernize their digital grid ecosystems

New Challenges of a Bidirectional Grid

With the rise of smart meters, sensors, solar panels, EVs and battery storage, utilities are tasked with managing a bidirectional grid – not just the power, but also the data.

Four Trends Upending the Utility Industry

Four trends have upended the utility industry over the past decade, requiring modernization of IT and OT systems.

TRC combines best-of- breed technology partnerships with deep subject matter expertise and consulting to bring Digital Grid Solutions to future-ready electric utilities. We focus in four general areas:

The Power of Partnerships

Providing our clients with best-in-class solutions to solve their business problems isn’t just about bring our industry experts and experience to the table. Often times, it also requires that we bring leading technology to the problem. This is where we leverage our strategic partner network. Bringing five decades of industry-leading engineering services together with best-in-class software partners, allows us to create new and innovative solutions to specifically match our clients’ issues.

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