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Intelligent Grid Solutions

Helping architect, innovate and integrate digital assets and data

TRC helps our clients design, build, operate and maintain our country's critical assets and infrastructure across several end markets, including telecommunications, power and utilities, energy and industrial, transportation, real estate, water and government.

With a drive to constantly innovate, TRC helps clients integrate their digital assets and data into their existing process, and operations to prolong the life, improve the safety, and enhance the return on their assets.

Looking for effective intelligent grid solutions?

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Energy Providers are Experiencing Major Digital Disruption

With the rise of smart meters, sensors, solar panels, EVs and battery storage, energy providers are tasked with managing a bidirectional grid – not just the power, but also the data.

TRC delivers operational technology (OT) services, grid modernization and IT/OT solutions, GIS-technology expertise, and managed services and solutions to best address our client needs. We are broad in our capabilities but also highly specialized to fit the needs of each individual client. Our domains include smart metering, distributed energy resource management, control centers/systems, GIS, outage management, grid modernization and next generation analytics.

Our extensive experience with distributed energy resource management systems (DERMS) and AMI-related strategy, combined with our strength in grid modernization and meter data management design enable us to offer services that can solve any potential business challenge. TRC understands the utility industry and the evolving technologies necessary to address current and future issues that a utility will face in the digital space. By leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, utilities can make better decisions, predict failures and outages and increase operational efficiency.

TRC also offers insights into all areas of GIS integrations, implementations and complex conversions for data integration, management and upgrades to ESRI systems.  We partner with ESRI as experts in the Utility Network, leading the industry with our ability to provide solutions for complex integration issues.

What's Driving Digital Disruption for Energy Providers?

Digital disruptions energy providers are facing can be summarized into six major categories.

Aging and Changing Workforce Needs

Utilities are experiencing continued retirements and loss of highly experienced talent, plus the skill sets needed at utilities are rapidly changing, creating more competition to hire tech-savvy employees.

Aging Workforce Push toward Renewables Energy Prosumers Customer Engagement Infrastructure Upgrades Regulation

TRC is Using Digital Technologies to Solve Business Problems

TRC is powering our best-in-class engineering and consulting services with new and innovative technology solutions, adding an additional layer of expertise, efficiency and technology that enables TRC to better serve our customers. Scroll through to see some of our services and solutions related to digital technology.

Our Digital DNA

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