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Your trusted adviser from wellhead to reservoir. TRC maximizes the value our our clients' upstream investments by helping them operating safely, efficiently and sustainably.

Flexible solutions across the upstream spectrum

As local, state and federal governments become increasingly vigilant in their attempts to curb both methane emissions and groundwater contamination, upstream oil and gas operators are left trying to separate fact from fiction when it comes to environmental regulations. Attempting to both understand and act within accordance of these legislative measures can put pressure on the profitability of a drilling program, a project or even a single well, and market volatility can only add to the pain.

At TRC, we stay at the forefront of this landscape by employing industry-recognized leaders and utilizing proprietary tools that streamline and simplify our service offerings. From ambient air monitoring to ground water inspection to developing water management strategies, our environmental experts have the tools and the experience to bring novel and efficient solutions to address our customers common problems.

When it is time to add or divest assets from your portfolio, our transactional due diligence team is there to navigate pitfalls and maximize the value of your investment by providing expert technical analysis of your upstream assets.


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