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Emergency Management and Response

Spill Prevention & Response

Expertise and experience to help you effectively implement facility-wide chemical spill/release prevention, preparedness & response plans.

Identify and develop response plans. Prevent future spills.

When it comes to oil and chemical spills and releases, TRC, has the expertise and experience to identify, assess, and prioritize spill/release scenarios, and response actions; develop and implement plans; and identify and assess internal and external spill response capabilities.  

Our subject matter experts are highly experienced and qualified to lead planning for oil and gas, industrial and manufacturing clients, helping them comply with all applicable federal and local regulations. We work in conjunction with your team to develop and implement the following spill and release services:  

  • Spill Prevention;  
  • Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) Plans;  
  • Facility and Pipeline Response Plans (FRP or OPA `90 Plans);  
  • RCRA and OSHA Contingency Plans;  
  • Emergency Response/Action Plans (ERP, EAP, ERAP);  
  • Risk Management Plans (RMP) Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP); 
  • Spill and Slug Prevention Plans; and  
  • Integrated Contingency Plans (ICP or One Plans) 

Our team of professionals develop plans to prevent and respond to spills or releases based on industry standards and site-specific information. We incorporate existing plans, policies and procedures to provide flexibility that minimizes impacts and costs to your facility’s operations and activities.  

Our plans provide the strategies, tactics and procedures required to properly respond to facility incidents, employee and contractor capabilities, site conditions and hazards. We support the implementation of on-site prevention/response measures, from containment systems design to training for facility employees. 

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