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Emergency Management and Response

Disaster Recovery

Industry-leading solutions for the comprehensive assessment, cleanup and rebuilding of sites struck by natural disaster.

Trusted advisors guiding you through disaster recovery.

The devastating impacts of natural disasters have wreaked havoc on communities, businesses, infrastructure, real estate and energy delivery systems around the globe. The road to recovery is long and there are many challenges to overcome, from assessing flood ravaged buildings to rehabilitating downed power lines and damaged transmission systems. 

 In the wake of disaster, TRC has the experience and expertise to address your most complex energy, environmental and infrastructure challenges. We understand your goals and embrace them as our own, applying creativity, integrity and dedication to assess and remediate impacted sites with superior results. 

 Our staff of multidisciplinary professionals utilize modern, cutting-edge technology to design appropriate solutions that get you operational again. And if disaster has caused large losses, we have extensive experience working with insures as well as policy holders to provide defensible data and documentation to assist in claims processing.  

 Building, Facility and Property Damage 

  • Mold assessment and remediation 
  • Petroleum and other hazardous materials spill clean-up 
  • Building habitability determinations 
  • Indoor air quality assessments 
  • Soil and water sampling/testing 
  • Human health risk assessments 
  • Spill response action planning 
  • Rebuilding plans, in compliance with the latest regulations and standards 
  • Resiliency planning 
  • Water loss assessments/moisture mapping and documentation 
  • Development of remediation protocol and scope of work documents 
  • On-site project oversight and documentation 
  • Post-mitigation/remediation assessment and verification 


Contaminated Sites and Environmental Health and Safety 

  • Air quality assessments 
  • Contaminated sediment management 
  • Contaminated/hazardous sites monitoring 
  • Remediation plans 
  • Industrial/Oil and Gas Startup 
  • Operational readiness reviews 
  • Inspection and repair 
  • Pre-startup and startup operations support 


Infrastructure Evaluation and Reconstruction 

  • Structural assessment and repair planning 
  • Pre-qualified engineers supporting bridge and roadway inspection and design 
  • Construction lending verification  
  • Levee failure assessment and repair planning 
  • Wastewater Treatment Facility assessment 
  • Metallurgical consulting 
  • Non-destructive testing 
  • Construction management and inspection 
  • Geotechnical consulting and analysis  


Downed Wires and Damaged Power Lines/Substations/Transformers 

  • Damage assessment 
  • Wires Down 
  • Mobile Device for Transfer of field observations 
  • Power restoration plan 
  • Construction crew management 
  • Hazardous chemicals clean-ups (PCBs from transformers and substations) 


Emergency Preparedness/Response Planning 

  • Evaluation of spill prevention and response, emergency contingency and preparedness, and homeland security  plans 
  • Amendment of plans to incorporate lessons learned 
  • Assessment of secondary containment, chemical safety, and security systems  
  • Development of procedures for handling severe weather and long duration events 
  • Implementation of new or revised procedures, policies and measures 
  • Augmentation of training to improve readiness 

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