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TRC experts share their thoughts and insights on the trends and challenges impacting their markets.



Best Practices for Pipeline Compliance: Tips to Keep Your System in Check

Pipeline systems that transport millions of gallons of liquids or billions of standard cubic feet of gas a day require careful planning and constant supervision to operate smoothly.

Regulatory Update

FERC Order 901 Calls for Standards to Address IBR Reliability Gaps

Inverter Based Resources are playing central role when it comes to adding new electric generation capacity into the bulk power system.


Finish Line In Sight For Regulatory Revamp

INOGA is working with Indiana’s Department of Natural Resources to improve regulations at the state level


Aviation Leader Tina Millan Joins the ENR Critical Path Podcast

Aviation Leader Tina Millan Joins the ENR Critical Path Podcast to Discuss the Intersecting Trajectories of Energy and Aviation, and the Importance of Women Mentorship


Empowering Engineers: Mastering the Shift from Technical Expertise to Leadership

Transitioning from utility fieldwork to management can be a rewarding decision, but it can also be overwhelming.

Regulatory Update

New EPA Rule Impacts PFAS TRI Reporting and Supplier Notifications

What Affected Facilities Need to Know About Applicability, Reporting Changes and Deadlines


Quality Assurance vs. Quality Control: What’s the Difference and Why Does it Matter?

TRC’s Quality Assurance system incorporates Quality Control tools such as routine Data Validation (DV) and Data Usability Assessments (DUA).


Fostering Sustainability Through Responsible Project Management

A look at ‘responsible’ project management – delivering projects that yield desired outputs and valuable outcomes, but produce no harm.

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