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Geo-Environmental Engineering

Visualization Services and Visual Impact Assessments

Computerized Visualization Services

Having the power to see the impact of visual environmental changes before they’re made can help guide decision making, assess and gain public support and address any unforeseen subjective issues that could arise. TRC offers a full range of computerized visualization services that provides qualitative and quantitative visual impact assessments.

Our professional staff have expertise in siting and permitting environmental, energy and infrastructure projects, with a deep understanding of the unique challenges associated with subjective issues of potential change to the visual environment. Utilizing current technologies and industry standards, TRC can acquire recent LIDAR elevations or DEM and land use data or collect baseline digital photography and integrate with a suite of 3-dimenstional software and visualization tools to provide realistic imagery, analysis, and reports.

We provide our clients with the resources they need to support the permitting process by providing publicly accessible visual resources relevant to the project development, that show realistic imagery, and the impact of any proposed visual environmental change in clear and contextual ways.

TRC’s visualization services are tailored to meet the unique permitting requirements and policy guidelines of any project and we have offices nationwide to provide onsite support. Our visualization services give you the power to show the impact of a proposed visual environmental change and guide your permitting project to address any subjective issues and expedite its completion faster.

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