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All levels of government face the pressure to maintain the safety and efficiency of critical infrastructure. Local, state and federal agencies rely on TRC's multi-market expertise in transportation, environmental science and energy to find the cost-effective solutions.

Combined expertise. Critical solutions.

Maintaining and protecting critical infrastructure can be costly and difficult for government entities of all sizes. They need solutions that require combined expertise in transportation, security, environmental systems and real estate. More often than not, those solutions come from the experts at TRC. From public works to energy programs, infrastructure to redevelopment, our federal, state and local clients count on our expertise to solve the biggest problems on the smallest budgets.

Public Works

Cost is often the big hurdle for municipalities responsible for overseeing the critical infrastructure serving their communities. TRC collaborates with our clients to maintain and safeguard critical assets, including water, sanitary systems, roads and bridges, and solid waste while enhancing open space and recreational options.

Energy Programs

With growing populations and ever-changing energy needs, cities and government agencies need creative solutions that ensure energy reliability and reduce dependency on the traditional power grid while keeping energy prices affordable to local consumers. TRC conducts feasibility studies, planning and implementation of alternative energy systems such as microgrids, energy storage and renewable energy programs to help agencies choose and implement the program that best fits their population needs.

Civil Infrastructure

Whether communities need to expand or repair their commuting infrastructure, TRC is the right choice for this critical work. We partner with city and state transportation agencies from concept selection to project delivery. We help communities prepare for emergencies and protect their populations and facilities. We conduct environmental evaluations and provide recommendations to minimize impact to surrounding neighborhoods and environmental systems.

Redevelopment and Revitalization

From environmental assessment to design and construction, TRC provides integrated solutions that help communities create safer spaces for their residents.

Looking for effective solutions to your problems?

Turn to the experts at TRC.

Protecting Government Institutions

Governments. They are responsible for maintaining our roads, operating our schools, administering our courts, managing our natural resources and protecting us from crime and catastrophic events. They provide a sense of community and common purpose. They need to be protected so that they can continue to serve our citizens and visitors.

Government buildings present unique security challenges due to needs for public accessibility, combined with high visibility within communities and some functions which can become a target or lightning rod for displeased members of the public. Government entities may have some security expertise, but very few have all the necessary knowledge and skills.

TRC is a trusted partner to agencies and institutions, helping maintain effective security while supporting continuous government functionality. We provide unbiased, sound and expert security consulting and design services to federal, state and local government agencies throughout the U.S.

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