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Civil & Transportation

Civil Engineering Services

Analysis, permitting and design solutions for roadways, highways and water infrastructure improvements.

Comprehensive Support From Conception to Completion of Infrastructure Projects

Having worked collaboratively with a wide variety of public transportation agencies and local governments, TRC is a civil engineering company that understands the challenges of maintaining and improving obsolete and deteriorated infrastructure. Our team has the expertise to provide every element of your project, including conceptual plan preparation, utility layout, construction plans and specifications to permitting and regulatory approvals. As a full-service civil engineering provider, we bring comprehensive solutions and problem-solving techniques to even the most complex issues.

Our strict quality assurance program guides our work, while state-of-the-art production and communications tools help develop and deliver sensible, cost-effective engineering solutions for public owned treatment works, utilities, roadways, bridges and privately owned infrastructure. Our team includes registered professional engineers, planners, designers, landscape architects and inspectors with extensive sustainable site development and infrastructure design experience. 

Civil Information Modeling

TRC can utilize Civil Information Modeling (CIM), 3D information modeling of utilities and site elements, during construction planning and design. Utilities are modeled during design using modern best practices for Subsurface Utility Engineering with accurate size and location. CIM allows for accurate design for new utilities and grading which prevents conflicts during construction that lead to additional cost and delays. Metadata can be added to items to identify additional information beyond the 3D representation. CIM and Building Information Monitoring can be integrated to create a holistic view of an entire project from design through construction and beyond.

Sustainable Design

From sustainability feasibility studies to identifying and documenting LEED® projects, we are ready to meet your green design needs. Our proven track record, innovative design techniques and public information efforts set us apart as a leader in the field of sustainable design.

Stormwater and Wastewater

Control and Treatment

With ever-increasing regulatory demands for stormwater and wastewater control and treatment, public and private owners need support at every stage of their projects. Our experience includes a wide range of raw water, stormwater and wastewater projects, including:

  • Physical/chemical
  • Biological
  • Tertiary treatment processes

Site-Specific Evaluations

Treatment facilities and systems are tailored to the client’s needs and requirements to attain the necessary level of treatment. Our civil engineering staff, soil evaluators and surveyors are highly experienced at evaluating site-specific drainage characteristics to designing the stormwater management system you need. TRC provides solutions from start to the finish, including:

  • Watershed studies and modeling
  • Transient groundwater modeling (both water supply and contaminant plume simulations)
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Value engineering
  • Permitting
  • Design
  • Construction administration
  • Startup and operations support


Our extensive experience in permitting discharges for both state and EPA permits includes new permits, where we work with the client to determine their proposed discharge, and existing permits for renewals or amendments. In other cases, clients call on us for the following permitting issues:

  • Demands exerted on treatment systems by production expansions
  • Water reduction and reuse practices
  • Water management during drought conditions

Flood Mitigation Design

Our expertise in hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, planning and design can also improve flood mitigation efforts. Our capabilities allow us to work on small, local drainage projects or vast, regional flood reduction strategies. Whether a single culvert needs replacement or an expansive sewer system requires upgrades, we are your stormwater experts. Examples of our civil engineering services include:

  • Modeling of riverine systems to define floodplains and determine potential impacts of new developments
  • Support recommendations and paperwork completion for FEMA and other regulatory agencies that accompany an alteration to a floodplain

Civil Engineering Services


2,000 site visits


400 construction projects


250 maintenance facilities

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