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Geotechnical Engineering

Providing a “window to the underground” that helps you take a proactive approach to project planning and design.

Analysis of physical and structural soil and rock properties. Engineering solutions for all types of structures.

With roots in the geotechnical profession that date back to the early 1960s, TRC offers a synergist blend of seasoned geotechnical professionals, experienced field inspection staff, and in-house field and laboratory testing capabilities that foster creative, innovative, and productive solutions to your most demanding geologic challenges. 

Geotechnical Engineering & Inspection 

Leveraging the experience of a multitude of geotechnical and geological professionals licensed across the United States, we investigate and engineer practical solutions for all types of horizontal and vertical structures, marginal sites and construction issues, and for such natural hazards as earthquakes, landslides, karst and soil liquefaction. During construction, we have a staff of highly qualified individuals proficient at performing QA/QC inspection and material testing, serving as your eyes and ears in the field to ensure a quality product.  

 TRC’s geotechnical engineering group serves public- and private-sector clients alike and is experienced with both conventional and alternate project delivery.  Examples of typical projects include industrial processing facilities, airports, dock and mooring structures, municipal wastewater treatment facilities, port facilities, power generation, transmission and distribution projects, renewable energy projects, low to high-rise residential developments, office complexes and mixed-use buildings, multi-story parking facilities, highways, bridges, and associated infrastructure.   

Subsurface Drilling 

TRC has routinely employed a variety of drilling techniques to obtain soil and rock samples for geotechnical analysis and investigative purposes since 1961. With 17 drill rigs of various configurations, a host of ancillary equipment and a 4,000 square foot shop and storage facility, TRC can support project subsurface exploration needs regardless of complexity.  Our drillers are very familiar with all standard drilling methods and procedures, are proficient with the use of specialized techniques and with installation of various types of instrumentation.  We are adept at working over water, in coastal regions, mountainous terrain and anything in between. 

Geotechnical Laboratory Testing 

Our state-of the-art lab tests soil, rock and concrete materials in-house to deliver timely and reliable results for our public-and-private-sector clients. Click here to see a comprehensive list of our laboratories and their Certifications and Accreditations.

Pile Dynamic Analysis & Vibration Monitoring 

TRC implements the latest advancements in Pile Dynamic Analysis (PDA) testing of driven piles. With more than 25 years of relevant experience, we can quickly plan, implement and interpret a comprehensive and realistic evaluation of driven piles to meet project requirements. Whether vibration is caused from blasting, pile driving, demolition or construction equipment, our staff can plan and execute a proactive vibration monitoring plan that will allow a project to move forward with added confidence. 

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