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City of Seguin, TX

Walnut Springs Trail Extension

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The walnut Springs Trail Extension project consists of connections to the existing Pecan Bottom Trail Loop in Max Starcke Park East to existing trails near the Seguin Public Library which is part of the city’s overall plan to improve walkability. This project includes more than 2,800 linear feet of 10-foot sidewalk, 360 linear feet of pedestrian bridge, in addition to 3 trails and retaining walls that allow the path to exist beside Walnut Branch Creek. Implementation of this project under the TxDOT Quality Assurance Program ensures that the project provides statewide consistency for design-build projects. Additionally, environmental services approved by TxDOT provided for the preservation of the Historic Hugman Walls and protection of vegetation, trees, and species along Walnut Branch Creek. At the completion of this project, a continuous 4-mile trail will extend from New Braunfels Street to Max Starcke Park East that meets ADA, TDLR, TAS, and AASHTO requirements. The project also required modeling to ensure the cut and fill occurring within the floodplain would not affect surrounding properties. In addition, hydraulic analysis was provided to TxDOT for approval for the crossing at 123 Business with the trail utilizing the existing area for a crossing.

Challenges: Coordination with several Environmental Government entities were required, including San Antonio District Environmentalist specialist, TPWD, USFWS, TCEQ, USACE, TxDOT Environmental Affairs, etc.

Solutions:  TRC also verified proposed improvements that would not cause a rise in the 100-year water surface elevation and provided hydraulic data for the plan set within a 30-ft-wide area per the City’s suggestion.

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