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Field Services & Inspection

Survey Services

Our survey team provides scalable services to help clients with every project stage from preliminary survey until the last as-built survey is complete.

Helping to Bring Projects from Vision to Reality

TRC provides full-service surveying, managed by licensed professionals. Our survey team is ready to assist our clients to bring their project from vision to reality beginning with the initial preliminary survey and continuing until the last feature of the as-built survey is complete.

TRC has worked to create a highly effective hands-on geomatics, survey and mapping team specializing in the collection of geospatial survey data for the oil and gas, power delivery and utility industry. Our innovative team utilizes proven survey equipment, procedures, and technical standards in the performance of each project.



TRC’s survey culture includes a high level of personal ownership with a core value for safety. Our proactive approach to safety includes focused safety topics based on strategic and identified hazards our employees could encounter, survey crews holding morning toolbox talks, maintaining, and updating JSA’s throughout the day, proactively provide safe catch reporting and attend weekly focused safety meetings.


General Survey Services:

  • Geodetic Control Surveys
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Certified Plats and Boundary Descriptions
  • Rapid GIS Easement Exhibits, Maps and Sketches
  • High-Definition Survey Terrestrial Laser Scanning
  • UAV/Drone surveys and inspections
  • Hydrographic Surveys
  • Mapping Grade GIS Inventory Surveys
  • Mapping data collection
  • FEED/TIC Estimating
  • Routing Support Services
  • Quantity Surveys

Preliminary Survey Services:

  • Easement Acquisition Surveys
  • Pipeline, Electric Transmission and Utility Route Surveys
  • Environmental Permit Support Surveys
  • Facility and Existing Conditions Surveys
  • HOP, Access Road, and other Permit Support Surveys

Staking Services:

  • Easement Staking and Layout for Acquisition
  • Utility and Route Centerlines
  • Construction Workspaces, Limits of Disturbances
  • Layouts for Site Views and walkthroughs
  • Facility and Site Layout

As-built Survey Services:

  • AsBuilt Data Collection
  • Asset tracking and tally
  • AsBuilt Alignment Sheets
  • AsBuilt Easement Plats
  • Facility AsBuilt and Post-Construction Documentation
  • Pipeline, Power and other utility transmission and distribution line AsBuilt
  • Construction AsBuilt Services
  • Post-Restoration Surveys

Looking for effective surveying services?

Turn to the experts at TRC.

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