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Routing and Siting

Routing, permitting, siting and licensing services for major transmission line facilities throughout the nation.

We Help to Route Projects Efficiently and Effectively, Avoiding Costly Delays

Routing, permitting and constructing pipeline projects is challenging due to regulatory requirements and stakeholder scrutiny. Starting a project off on the right foot and managing ongoing operational risks is critical to success.

TRC utilizes our powerful GIS-enabled technology to analyze engineering, environmental, land, constructability and socio-economic factors to generate least cost, minimal impact project routes, and evaluate existing routes already in operation. We can create multiple pipeline routes quickly and efficiently, to help operators understand different project scenarios in even the most complex circumstances.

Routes are overlaid with critical risk factors and opportunities around the project corridor within our proprietary database. We provide impact analysis for any boundaries around a route, including workspace layout, environmental study area or a specified buffer.

Our technology reports features including slope, landownership, structures, wetlands, waterbodies, roads, railroads and more.

TRC's Routing and Siting Services

Our integrated approach helps you think differently about your biggest problems. Working together, we apply our unparalleled environmental, consultative, engineering and applied technology experience to successfully advance projects to completion. Please contact us for more information.

Looking for effective solutions to your problems?

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