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New York/New Jersey OceanGrid Project


As a project proposed in the busy waters of New York Bight, TRC had to develop a siting approach that balanced impacts to existing marine uses, proximity to defined offshore wind lease areas, and efficient routing of the subsea cables.

The New York/New Jersey OceanGrid™ will consist of strategically located Offshore Collector Platforms, each designed to handle 800 to 1,200 MW of offshore wind energy generation, with the ability to connect multiple offshore wind projects. Subsea cables will extend between the Offshore Collector Platforms and to the landfalls near the onshore points of interconnection (substations) in New York and New Jersey. The total length of subsea cables associated with the project on the Outer Continental Shelf could be up to approximately 185 nautical miles.


TRC is providing development strategy, transmission routing, and environmental consulting services for a large-scale planned offshore transmission system to efficiently deliver offshore wind energy generation to the onshore electric grid.

TRC has been involved since the project’s inception and has provided strategic advice to Anbaric for stakeholder outreach, project siting, and regulatory processes. We also managed a reconnaissance level marine survey of the planned offshore routes.


TRC and project counsel jointly guided Anbaric through the BOEM process for receiving developer qualification and submitting the ROW/RUE request for BOEM review. TRC prepared the Unsolicited Right-of-Way and Right-of-Use Easement Grant application submitted to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, which is currently under review. As the project advances, TRC will be the lead environmental consultant for project permitting.

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