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Integrity Dig Integrated Services

Efficient Integrity Dig Program Management and Value

TRC creates cost savings and efficiencies for our clients via turnkey integrated services, real-time digital asset knowledge, a broad spectrum of subject matter experts and quality work.

Integrity Dig Integrated Services

Our Integrity Engineers, Surveyors, Right-of-Way Experts and Environmental Scientists are well-versed in all phases of integrity dig programs from preparing the pipeline for a tool run, interpreting results, verifying proper repair procedures and obtaining federal and state environmental approvals. Our team includes former pipeline operators, survey experts, PHMSA and environmental regulators and trainers. We developed the current ILI training curriculum for PHMSA’s training program.

Assessment Planning and Pre-Dig Support

  • API 1163 process gap analysis
  • Preview of expected results to identify challenges including access and permitting
  • Threat review and tool selection
  • Create a dig list and schedule (regulatory, validation, etc.)
  • ILI raw data review to confirm dig necessity
  • Environmental constraints analysis of anomaly locations
  • Landowner identification/ROW program development
  • Consultation with regulatory and legislative bodies
  • Federal and state environmental clearances and permitting
  • Civil surveys for ILI/TVC digs, AGMs

Dig Site Support

  • Management and quality assurance of tool vendor and pipeline excavator including process documentation, tools, personnel, equipment and safety procedures
  • ILI tool validation and correlation
  • Direct examinations (NDT)
  • Pipeline/facility modifications and repair engineering
  • Digital as-built surveys
  • Real-time project updates and workflows via project dashboard for speed and visibility
  • Environmental compliance site inspection and restoration
  • Digital field data capture to GIS for centerline QC with real-time project visibility and collaboration with all teams

Post-Dig Support

  • Post-restoration environmental monitoring and reporting
  • Run comparison, anomaly growth analysis, reassessment interval confirmation
  • Re-evaluation of risk and perceived threats
  • Specialized data analysis of uncommon anomalies

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