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Regulatory Compliance

PHMSA Regulatory Consulting

Industry recognized pipeline regulatory and compliance expertise via our team of former pipeline transmission and distribution operators, PHMSA senior regulators and trainers.

Helping Our Clients Comply with CFR 191/192, 195, State and Local Regulations for Pipeline Safety

Collectively, TRC’s pipeline regulatory services professionals have more than 100 years of experience as leaders in the pipeline safety industry. They have developed interpretations and have trained operators in pipeline safety and integrity compliance courses.

Our PHMSA regulatory team affords us integrity services from dig planning to GIS migrations under the guidance of former regulators and pipeline operators. Every service we offer will get you in the rule, keep you in the rule and create efficiencies for pipeline safety.

Program Analysis and Plan Development:

  • Jurisdictional Analysis and Regulatory Determination
  • Evaluation of Existing Programs for Completeness and Compliance with Regulatory Requirements
  • Integrity Management Plan Gap Analysis and Program Development
  • Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manual Review
  • EPA and OSHA Program Review
  • Pipeline Safety Management System Assessments

Regulatory Support:

  • Annual Report Support
  • Pre-audit Evaluation and Support
  • Representation During Federal Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) and State Partner Agency Audits
  • New Regulatory Program Representation, Guidance and Planning
  • Correspondence with Regulatory and Legislative Bodies
  • Expert Witness and Compliance Support for Legal Proceedings

Operator Qualification (OQ) Support:

  • Analysis and Recommendations for OQ Programs
  • Online and In-person Training and Material Development
  • Knowledge Tests, Skills Evaluations and Organize Delivery of Training
  • Task List Updates and Conversions
  • Records Management and Document Performance Competency

If you are interested in pipeline safety and regulatory training our instructors provide development and delivery of open enrollment or private customized onsite or local venue training. These courses are ideal for pipeline professionals seeking expertise and knowledge on pipeline safety regulations. Please click here to learn more about training.

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