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TVC Complete

A Complete Solution to TVC Compliance with the Gas Mega Rule

PHMSA’s new Gas Mega Rule has changed pipeline operations related to MAOP, material traceability and verification, MCAs and records. It actively pursues the addition of Traceable, Verifiable and Complete (TVC) records and data management related to validating MAOP with approved documentation and testing.

PHMSA Requirements

According to Phase I of the Gas Mega Rule, operators have until July 1, 2021 to have a plan in place that identifies gaps and a plan to fill them. Our team of former PHMSA regulators and integrity experts have identified exactly what is needed to be in compliance with the rule and an efficient quality focused process to get there for a low fixed rate per mile.

TVC Complete can be applied to MAOP and MOP – including transmission, distribution, gathering and facilities. According to industry associations such as AGA and others, we will see future regulations mimic the TVC requirements for gas transmission requiring records and data management to support safe operations for all midstream and downstream assets.

Understanding, and then achieving PHMSA’s requirements for documenting records as traceable, verifiable and complete can be a significant effort for pipeline operators especially with the quickly approaching deadline.


Services Offered Outside of TVC Complete:

▪ Scanning and Indexing Documents

▪ Gap Analysis and Prioritization

▪ Design Pressure Calculations for Each Feature

▪ Verify MAOP/MOP

▪ TVC Data Attribute Loading into GIS Database

▪ Data Gathering for Risk Impacting Features

▪ Gap Remediation Planning

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