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Asset Knowledge Management and Creating a Digital Twin

MAOP Engineering for Stations


TRC was recently selected by a large multi-state gas utility company for a 5-year asset knowledge management program for over 1,000 stations across its entire system in response to a significant incident which identified a root cause of asset knowledge management. The client initiated a wholesale approach to improving 6 different asset classes by creating a digital twin because visibility to risk is vital for safety and helpful in making business decisions. That risk can’t be identified if there are gaps in asset data.


This project includes a significant data mining and quality control elements as multiple sources of data are needed to calculate maximum allowable operating pressure (MAOP) for stations which is somewhat new to the natural gas industry and not currently driven by regulation.

Our expertise in integrity engineering, GIS, as-builting and CAD along with digital workflows and process knowledge assisted in creating a single version of the truth. TRC specializes in complicated MAOP calculations specific to stations. We are experts in defining document hierarchy, building decision trees, quality ranking documents for Traceable, Verifiable and Complete (TVC) requirements, material specifications, testing records and identifying gaps.


TVC information, MAOP calculations and detailed drawings on each station are loaded into the GIS (PODS) system of record and maintained managing each station component as a “route”. This streamlines updates in GIS real-time rather than updating spreadsheets to keep the station TVC up to date and transparent. As changes are made to a station, it is as-built in the GIS just like pipeline replacements or re-routes.

Due to the technology TRC employs, including GPS coordinate capturing at all sites, this client is able to immediately visualize and use asset data in system safety, risk modeling, project prioritization, security analysis and rate case preparation.

TRC supports gas systems with efficiencies by understanding that they are constantly changing, upgraded and replaced. Our team is able to create a complete asset digital twin for future operational management in the client’s GIS system of record which results in high-quality, up-to-date, reliable and clean data for the safe and reliable operation of their systems.

With TRC’s help the client can now focus on optimization of their infrastructure which is paramount due to the need for affordable energy and the public’s focus on incidents.

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