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The TRC Integrity Team Is Growing!

The past twelve months has brought positive change to TRC’s Pipeline Integrity team. Several industry experts have joined us as we continue to address the industry’s technical and compliance needs. As we invest more in top talent in 2024 and beyond, we very much look forward to provide on-going best-in-class services for our clients.


Alan Mann – Compliance Consultant


AlanAlan Mann has over 20 years of pipeline and hazardous material, construction and aviation safety training experience. Prior to joining TRC, Alan worked for the Railroad Commission of Texas in a leadership position and as an inspector. He brings a valuable perspective to the team and our clients in seeing Pipeline Integrity issues through the lens of an inspector. Alan also has expertise in audit support and performing gap analysis of operators’ programs to ensure compliance.

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Jason (Jeb) Montgomery – Compliance Consultant


JebJeb Montgomery is a strategic and detail-oriented DOT Pipeline Safety Advisor with over 19 years of experience in pipeline safety regulations, operational leadership, emergency response involvement and management. He has a proven track record of acting as a liaison between clients and regulatory bodies, ensuring compliance and leading safety initiatives. Jeb is recognized for overseeing operations, maintenance and capital projects for pipeline systems and storage facilities. He is also adept at training teams, coordinating regulatory audits and managing incident responses.

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Herb Worthington – Owners Engineer


HerbHerb Worthington has 46 years’ experience in the electric utility businesses with expertise in the physical and electrical testing of materials, corrosion mitigation, procedure, data acquisition-analysis, communications and environmental sciences.

Prior to joining TRC in 2016, he spent 35 years in PSE & G’s Laboratory Testing Services (LTS) Metallurgical Group as a Senior Test Engineer. He has been a NACE/AMPP member for 28 years and is a volunteer chairperson for the New Jersey Committee on Corrosion, holding seminars introducing new products and technology.

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Scott J. Walden, Sr. – Director, Pipeline Regulatory Services


ScottScott Walden has over 25 years of experience within the Natural Gas and LNG industry. His professional responsibilities have included LNG consulting and training, LNG terminal manager level leadership, terminal operations and maintenance supervision, Facility Security Officer and compliance and regulatory Affairs. Scott served as a training specialist in the United States Naval Nuclear Power Program and is skilled at sharing information to expedite the acquisition of knowledge, skills and abilities required for safe and effective job performance.

Scott is a proven leader with expertise in various technical and training disciplines. He is a past member of the NFPA 59A Technical Committee, AGA Supplemental Gas Committee, API/INGAA LNG Working Group and is a Subject Matter Expert concerning LNG Codes and Standards, functioning as liaison with multiple regulatory agencies at the federal, state and local level.

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Zhengrong (Jerry) Zhang – Pipeline Integrity Engineer


Jerry is a Ph.D. holder and a Professional Engineer registered in the State of Texas. He has a solid background in metallic materials and related corrosion behavior and rich experience in metallic product manufacturing, lab testing, and root cause failure analysis. He worked on multiple projects involving both AC mitigation and renewable energy, such as solar farm risk assessment.

Jerry stayed in Japan for nearly 10 years before moving to the US in 2009 and has lived in Katy for the last 10 years. He enjoys working and living in Texas.

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