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World Pipelines Integrity 2021 Keynote Presentation

May 25, 2021

TRC’s Mike LaMont, Director, Pipeline Integrity Services, was selected to deliver the keynote presentation at the recent World Pipelines Integrity 2021 Conference. In case you missed Mike’s keynote titled “Uncomfortable Yet?” where he offered an interesting and enlightening perspective on the psychology of pipeline integrity management you can watch the entire presentation and live Q&A session that followed using the links below.

Watch the Keynote Presentation:

Watch TRC’s Mike LaMont deliver the keynote presentation “Uncomfortable Yet?” at the World Pipelines Integrity 2021 conference.

Watch the Live Q&A Session:

Mike LaMont

Mr. LaMont specializes in pipeline integrity management and regulatory compliance strategies and brings over 20 years of associated experience. Through the application of process-driven, holistic strategies, he successfully supported numerous large and small pipeline operators in achieving their program goals and objectives. In his current role, he manages a team of pipeline regulatory, engineering and corrosion management professionals. He also hosts a pipeline regulatory and integrity podcast, and he holds a bachelor’s degree in Biology and a master’s degree in Environmental Science. Contact Mike at

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