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Small Pipeline Operator Integrity Management Planning


A gas transmission pipeline operator with less than 500 miles of regulated pipeline was struggling with a small staff, limited resources, access to their data and legacy assets. They recognized the need for support with their self-identified HCAs when PHMSA published the Gas Mega Rule.


TRC started with a regulatory determination for the HCAs and found that only 2 of the 5 areas could be considered HCAs. Many of the company assets were acquired from a pipeline operator that was no longer in business and the documentation, records and plans were sparse and out of date.

After the determination was confirmed TRC was able to support the operator with a gap analysis and update of their IMP, develop an integrity dig plan and process, assist with annual report filing and give them visibility to their assets with a low-cost, easy to use web map application accessible on any device. All of this was done at a fraction of the money the operator saved by confirming HCAs with a regulatory determination and jurisdictional analysis.


The client had access to experts and technology to get them in the rules and keep them in the rules without paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for software or hiring additional staff. They now have visibility to all their assets and full access to all data, documents and records tied to each asset. They are able to operate their pipelines safely and ensure future compliance.

TRC’s experienced team now assists this and many other operators with several projects varying in size and complexity. We help with audits, serve as a regular support team for integrity, regulatory program management and even operate smaller system pipelines. Our support of similar clients is a much more affordable option than in-house hiring, allowing access to the vast expertise of our internal full-time staff on an as-needed basis.

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