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Gulf Coast

Transmission AC Interference Study and Mitigation Design


In 2017 TRC was chosen to assist a large transmission pipeline partnership with the 163 mile Bayou Bridge Pipeline project in an already congested and cumbersome corridor. AC interference was a growing concern on the pipeline and other adjacent under and above ground metallic structures including rail tracks and communication cables due to collocation with HVAC/HVDC transmission powerlines.

Normally pipeline and powerline operators have large quantities of existing and proposed infrastructures that have not been fully assessed to determine whether there is interference and if that interference will incur personal hazard and asset corrosion loss.


TRC implementing a modeling study along with field validation provided the client capability of quantitatively evaluating the interference while developing an optimized mitigation plan. Using cutting-edge software, experienced field survey approach and in-house prioritization algorithm, the TRC integrity team was able to offer optimized and collaborative solutions from our experts in pipeline and power delivery divisions.


TRC provided optimized mitigation plans considering both utility and pipeline operator’s aspects in the right-of-way. The client was provided a real-time accessible database of pipeline, GIS and powerline sharing to avoid lengthy data request periods and effectively expedite the project delivery schedule.

Deliverables Included:

  • Interference Study and Mitigation Design Report
  • Bill of Materials and Procurement and Technical Evaluation
  • Engineering Detail Drawings for Mitigation Installation
  • Mitigation Installation Consulting Supervision and Trouble-Shooting
  • Field Survey and Mitigation Installation Commissioning

This successful interference program was economically beneficial to both utility and pipeline operators via asset integrity, personnel safety and decreased risk.

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