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Rapid Response to Unplanned System Disruption Event

Technical Oversight and Support to Quickly and Safely Restore Service

A large gas distribution operator experienced an overpressure situation which caused an unplanned
system disruption event affecting almost 8,000 residences and businesses. The client needed rapid technical oversight and coordination of multiple tranches of work supporting the rapid replacement and restoration of a compromised natural gas distribution system. Support was needed in the areas of project oversight, risk assessment, pipeline design, environmental inspection and remediation, permitting, physical security, GIS mapping and construction inspection.

TRC’s deep pipeline expertise and multi-sector capabilities, and proximity of personnel and resources facilitated an immediate deployment of capability in all challenging support areas required by the client. Our pipeline experts studied the conditions leading to the system compromise and worked with the client to develop process controls to reduce risk during the rapid design and replacement of the ~45miles of distribution mains and ~8000 services. Additionally, TRC supported the boots on the ground with services in the areas of traffic control, asbestos and hazardous material assessment and abatement, physical security and construction quality assurance.

TRC’s ability to rapidly mobilize more than 120 personnel to the client’s locality supported the replacement of pipe and restoration of customer service in under 90 days, a volume of work that typically takes months or years to complete. The work was completed safely, efficiently and guided by our experts in state and federal regulatory compliance. TRC continues to provide consulting services to this client in risk management, process safety management, asset knowledge, pipeline design and process improvement.

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