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Pipeline Data Management and GIS

Proven industry data management design and implementation for all aspects of your pipeline or utility practice to ensure accurate and reliable pipeline and facility system data.

Building and Maintaining Pipeline and Facility Data, Documents and GIS Systems for Asset Management, Regulatory Compliance and Risk

A GIS pipeline system is essential for accurate and reliable data management in compliance with pipeline regulatory requirements. Utilizing industry-recognized methodologies and technology planning, an enterprise GIS system helps operators manage risk, prioritize work, and maintain critical infrastructure safely and reliably. Expertise in GIS modeling, design, and integration ensures ongoing data integrity and connects stakeholders to crucial information.

We have developed industry recognized methodologies, best practices and technology planning that connects stakeholders to the data and systems they need to maintain this critical infrastructure safely and reliably.

GIS and Technology Services:

  • GIS Data Migration, Conversion and Development
  • ArcGIS Enterprise Portal Implementation, Development, Design and Administration
  • Software Assessments/System Architecture
  • Application and Software Implementation
  • Mobile Data Collection App Build Out (Fulcrum, Survey123, ESRI Explorer and Collector)
  • Data Hosting, Cloud Architecture and Design Consulting
  • Business Intelligence Design (Power BI, Tableau, Spotfire)

GIS Modeling, Design and Integration Services:

  • PODS 7 (Pipeline Open Data Standard)
  • UPDM (Utility and Pipeline Data Model)
  • APR (ArcGIS Pipeline Referencing)
  • Utility Network
  • CPDM (Cathodic Protection Data Model)
  • Maximo and SAP

Integrity Data Maintenance:

  • As-Built Creation and QA/QC
  • Centerline and Feature Refinement
  • ILI/CIS Data Alignment
  • Structure Capture, Attribution and Verification
  • Source Record Data Validation
  • Alignment Sheet Generation

Data Management Services:

  • Document System Design, Scanning and OCR
  • TVC Complete (Traceable, Verifiable and Complete)
  • Records and Document Decision Tree Management
  • Workflow and Records Management Review
  • Field Data Collection Workflows
  • MOC (Management of Change) Design/Implementation


Looking for effective natural gas pipeline GIS data?

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