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Improving Construction Project Efficiency with FieldOn

Digitalization Solutions for Gas Distribution


As part of a major construction project, a leading City Gas Distribution Company (CDG) was installing new pipeline infrastructure across the country. Getting accurate material traceability and real-time data insights from the field to assess the quality and progress of the construction was a challenge to their success. They needed a record-keeping solution to account for the material used on each day of construction and a clear, concise and shareable system to produce progress reports to more efficiently and effectively plan and track tasks, estimate costs and complete the project with quality results.


The CGD turned to TRC to implement FieldOn, a high-end digital solution that simplifies construction management through data digitalization. FieldOn helped to create geographical areas, define project outlines and register vendor associations for this project. The solution provided role-based access for store management, quality review and project management so the CGD can easily upload and maintain standard operating procedures, project documents, reports and measured term contracts. In-field staff can use FieldOn to track and record daily activity progress for various construction functions and capture photos, videos and geographical coordinates through GPS devices such as the Arrow 100 and then generate progress reports in pre- defined industry- standard formats, including Pipe Book, Main Line Welding,
Lowering, Crossings, HDD, etc.


FieldOn automated the gathering and tracking of construction data by giving accurate and precise traceability of the project’s daily activities. This CGD Company can now better manage their field crew with no
time delays by getting real-time data insights from the field to assess the quality and progress of construction, ensuring enhanced construction quality.

FieldOn supported the CGD with:

  • Automated Workflow and In-Field Support
  • Streamlined Material Traceability and Data Reconciliation
  • Improved Construction Quality
  • High level of Network Accuracy

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