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Designing, Building and Deploying Esri UN for a Midstream Service Provider


Due to the differences in GIS architectures, data structures, workflows and processes a simple lift and shift is usually not an option.

Regulatory requirements and the growing needs of operators to have reliable system information make an enterprise GIS system critical. Delaying migration to the latest systems and models can lead to organizational inefficiencies and gaps in business needs. Outdated data models can interfere with modern regulatory requirements, accurate asset health estimates, misleading results and chances of entering incorrect information on regulatory filings.

However, when it comes to migrating data and updating GIS systems, there are concerns in relation to cost, time constraints and internal skill sets. Most of the time, a simple lift and shift is not an option due to the differences in GIS architectures, data structures, workflows and processes.


TRC is working with a leading midstream service provider to design, build and deploy the newest version Esri enterprise GIS system. TRC’s longstanding history of deploying and implementing Enterprise Esri systems as well as industry-specific data models, such as PODS and UPDM, position TRC to provide a full suite of services for implementation in data modeling, portal implementation, analytics, data management tools, application development and cloud environments.

TRC and the client will work as a collaborative project team with a focus on remaining flexible and agile to accommodate new information and new requirements throughout the project. TRC will ensure that infrastructure, application suite, data model and data integration decisions are built for current needs as well as future goals and that the system is standardized, verifiable and complete while being easy to maintain and accessible to all necessary departments.


At the end of this project the service provider will be one of the first to complete a PODS implementation that is APR and Utility Network compliant on Esri Enterprise 10.8.

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