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South Carolina

Integrity Management Plan Review Project

Assessment of existing IMP plan and creation of a revised IMP plan to ensure compliance with 49 CFR 192, Subpart O.


A gas transmission intrastate operator had their Integrity Management Plan originally built in the early 2000’s and wanted a review of this plan and updating if needed. The Integrity Management Plan is required by 49 CFR 192, Subpart O. A State Auditor was planning an Integrity Audit for the next three months of this operator and their IMP.


TRC reviewed the existing IMP and made a list of areas where updates and revisions were needed. Our team then traveled to the client’s office to learn from the client about the transmission system, how it is operated and the history of its operation. After all of the necessary information was gathered we walked through the IMP with the client to discuss the various areas requiring updating and revision. The client added their input on the discussion items and a strategy for revising the plan was formalized. The client and the TRC team then took a tour of the pipeline system and had discussions with many of the field employees about various aspects of the IMP.

TRC returned to their office and began revising the IMP by adding in the necessary updates. Upon completion an internal quality control check and through review by both the client and TRC were completed.


The final product was a revised IMP plan that ensured the client was in compliance with all regulations. Not only was TRC able to complete the IMP review and revisions within 6 weeks’ time, the results of the state audit indicated the operator had received excellent comments in regards to their new IMP.


Gas Transmission Intrastate Operator

Project Location

South Carolina

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