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Gas Mega Rule TVC

TVC analysis was performed for a large transmission pipeline company on 3,200 miles of pipe to prepare for upcoming PHMSA regulations.

Gas Mega Rule TVC

Gas Mega Rule TVC


In anticipation upcoming PHMSA regulations as well as generally improving access to records a large transmission pipeline company tasked TRC with performing TVC (Traceable Verifiable and Complete) analysis on 3200 miles of Transmission Pipe in the US.


The project was broken down into three main parts. Process and procedures, document scanning and feature assessment. During the processes and procedures phase, TRC collaborated with client personnel to define features, attributes and source documentation for the TVC process. Workflows were created to facilitate consistent decisions during the process, as there would be many thousands of documents to review.

Additionally, a question log was created for those issues that the client needed to answer. Upon completion of the process and procedures phase, the scanning Phase began. TRC scanned and organized hard-copy records that would be used substantiate the TVC process. The majority of documents were sent to TRC in boxes, however some documents required onsite scanning in the client office. Feature assessment was utilized on the scanned documents to complete the TVC process. The documents were then used to substantiate MOP validation and to allow the client to trace each attribute back to a source document or an established standard default which was established in the Process and Procedures phase.

TRC then used the data that was gathered to update the clients GIS system with the validated attributes as well as hyperlinks to the document pertinent documents.  As of mid-2019, a feature assessment on over 2,600 miles of pipeline has been completed or was in progress.


Pipeline Division a Top 5 Major Integrated Oil & Gas Company

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