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Environmental Compliance

Strategic Insight for all Your Projects

TRC offers offers clients invaluable services when planning and completing critical permitting submittals. Our environmental compliance experience allows us to ensure clients follow regulations that have been implemented to protect human and environmental health.

Environmental compliance brings many challenges, including ever-changing regulations, which may lead organizations to miss the specifics. An outside perspective from TRC ensures you meet all the critical requirements for environmental compliance. We manage the details, allowing you to focus on the big picture. 

Our Capabilities

We assist during project planning and development stages to assess factors like air or water quality. Our experts can also perform regular audits of operating facilities to ensure employee safety and regulatory compliance.

Our environmental consultants provide exceptional engineering and environmental expertise to enhance success in meeting applicable regulations. For longer than 50 years, our company has led environmental change through studies, monitoring and remediation efforts. Public, private and government clients trust us to handle environmental compliance tasks.

Air Quality

We help facilities with air quality concerns, like manufacturing plants and government operations with effective permits and compliance strategies, innovative computer modeling and air measurement services. These services provide cleaner air for surrounding communities.


Our expert team can review or develop compliance audit programs to meet modern attitudes, behaviors and regulations. Our comprehensive environmental health and safety audits assess your performance and provide guidance to shape your internal audit programs. These services drive continuous improvement in your organization.

Clean Water Act

Our compliance experts routinely ensure your facilities are permitted and all prevention plans are up to date. These services apply to spill prevention and wastewater management, protecting environmental and human health. From planning to permitting and beyond, we work with you to keep water sources clean.

Environmental Permitting and Licensing

We deliver the strategic thinking and regulatory insight you need to move your projects into construction. Our team has extensive knowledge of federal, state and local regulations which ensures you meet all applicable deadlines. TRC helps our clients navigate complex legal requirements while keeping projects on track.


TRC’s experienced team utilizes their vast experience to prepare NEPA-compliant documents for energy, infrastructure and industrial clients. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) requires comprehensive environmental assessments before projects start. We can recommend methods for minimizing environmental impacts and provide project alternatives as necessary.

Reasons to Seek Environmental Compliance Expertise

The many environmental regulations at the national and local levels make maintaining compliance a complex task. An outside expert provides the guidance your organization needs to meet compliance standards. Here are a few reasons to seek advice from environmental experts:

  • Meet regulations: Many regulations guide environmental standards for air, water and other environmental concerns. An expert knows all applicable rules, making compliance more straightforward.
  • Manage budgets: Without the proper guidance, environmental compliance may turn into a costly process. Consultants provide solutions to maximize your budget.
  • Save time: When you enlist experts to assist throughout regulatory processes, you can navigate permitting and approval faster. These experts can also identify environmental concerns more effectively with specialized tools.

Where to Find Us

TRC has offices around the globe offering environmental compliance expertise. We have a strong U.S. presence and also have offices in the United Kingdom, China and Canada. Our offices provide a local presence and nearby assistance for any compliance project.

Local offices also mean our staff maintains knowledge of relevant state and local environmental regulations. This knowledge allows for more effective advising to meet standards at every level. We assist companies in meeting their environmental goals.

Reach Out to Our Team

We’re available online to discuss environmental consulting services. Fill out our contact form to connect with an expert.

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