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Environmental Compliance

Environmental Permitting & Licensing

Strategic thinking and regulatory insight to move your projects into construction.

Solutions for successful and timely project approvals

With one of the largest multimedia air and land permitting compliance teams in the country, TRC implements comprehensive environmental solutions across your full project lifecycle.

What is Environmental Permitting?

Environmental permitting aims to protect human health and the environment by identifying and addressing the legal requirements for projects with significant environmental impacts. TRC, a leading environmental solutions provider, offers comprehensive permitting services for various projects, such as pipelines, power plants, and renewable energy facilities, by partnering with clients to navigate the regulatory processes and secure necessary approvals. Our experts help clients ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulations, ultimately completing critical permitting submissions efficiently and on schedule.

Nationwide Experts to Navigate Environmental Permitting Regulations

Our experts include hundreds of air quality experts, biologists, environmental scientists, archaeologists, planners, wetlands specialists and project managers in over 45 offices nationwide, assisting with a variety of environmental permit types. We can quickly identify permitting requirements, environmental concerns, opportunities to accelerate schedules and measures to avoid project opposition. As your partner, TRC helps you successfully navigate the review and comment processes inherent in many permitting efforts, and ultimately complete critical permitting submittals efficiently and on schedule.

Leaders in Power and Infrastructure Permitting

We have sited and permitted thousands of miles of linear projects, including pipelines, transmission lines and roads that cross multiple jurisdictions and typically involve numerous permitting agencies and resource issues. We also permit single sites, such as power plants, substations, solar farms or bridges. TRC is a leader in renewable energy permitting, managing large land areas that involve development of roads, electrical collection and transmission systems and numerous wind turbines and solar panels.

Strong Regulatory Relationships and Deep Insights

Our track record of securing environmental government permit approval/clearance for large, innovative, and complex projects spans federal, state, and local regulations. We are proud of our long-standing relationships with key regulatory agencies, on the insights we have gained through experience helps us identify and implement integrated permitting strategies for our clients across all of the markets we serve.

We Assist in Compliance With:

  • Clean Water Act Compliance (wetlands, water quality and 316)
  • NEPA Compliance
  • NPDES Permitting and Compliance
  • Air Quality and Clean Air Act Compliance

Environmental Permitting and Licensing Services

Our integrated approach helps you think differently about your biggest problems. Working together, we apply our unparalleled environmental, consultative, engineering and applied technology experience to successfully advance projects to completion. Please contact us for more information.

Looking for effective environmental permit solutions?

Turn to the experts at TRC.

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