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Maryland, US

Maryland Offshore Wind Project Environmental Permitting

Helping the Offshore Wind Industry Advance the Energy Transition

Offshore wind is a major element to the needed transition to renewable energy resources to combat global warming and climate change. TRC is providing environmental permitting and engineering services in support of significant projects being proposed to address this need.

US Wind is proposing the Maryland Offshore Wind Project, an offshore wind energy project of up to 2 gigawatts of energy generation capacity off of the coast of Maryland on the Outer Continental Shelf. If approved, the project could power up to 770,000 homes with clean, renewable energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions from energy generation by more than 100 million tons of carbon dioxide over the life of the project.

TRC is serving as the lead environmental consultant for US Wind on this project throughout its permitting phase. TRC’s role has included providing technical studies and technical support on the federal, state, and local permits associated with the approval of the project.

TRC’s role on the US Wind Maryland Offshore Wind Project includes technical studies and technical support associated with the following:

  • Site Assessment Plan (SAP)
  • Construction & Operations Plan (COP)
  • HRG/Geotech Survey Permitting
  • Benthic Sampling & Analysis
  • Shellfish Density Survey
  • Export Cable Routing
  • Marine Mammal Permitting
  • Visual Impact Assessment & Visual Simulations
  • OCS Air Permit Application & Air Dispersion Modeling
  • USACE Section 10/404/408 Permitting
  • Federal & State Water Quality Certifications
  • DE & MD State Permitting
  • DE & MD Coastal Zone Consistency

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