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Environmental Compliance

EHS Compliance and Management System Auditing Services

Maximizing EHS Auditing Program Delivery Services to Drive Excellent EHS Performance

TRC provides EHS auditing services and audit program development to various business sectors to manage EHS risks and regulatory requirements.

What is EHS Compliance?

Maintaining compliance with applicable Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) regulations is a minimum requirement for all organizations. But focusing on your legal responsibilities does not necessarily imply that EHS risks are being appropriately identified and effectively managed. Audit programs that focus exclusively on compliance may overlook critical risks, allocate audit resources equally across all programs and risk profiles (from low to high EHS risks) and fail to adequately assess the most critical EHS risks at the facility. A comprehensive auditing program assures compliance, identifies EHS risk and improves the EHS culture throughout an organization, resulting in a safer workplace and well-managed environmental performance.


TRC’s certified EHS auditors work with clients to integrate regulatory requirements with non-regulatory/conformance objectives to improve the overall performance of EHS programs across an organization. We review and develop client-centric auditing programs and protocols to ensure EHS risks are properly evaluated and reported. We can train your internal auditors to develop requested findings reports and design corrective action programs to address findings at the root cause and prevent reoccurrence. When traditional compliance audit programs fail to drive change in attitudes, behaviors and culture, we look for root causes through risk-based audits, system gap assessments and analysis of existing controls.


EHS Compliance Management Audits

With TRC, you will work alongside compliance program and management system experts to ensure all facets of your auditing program processes are up-to-date and efficient. TRC can help you develop and implement an auditing program that provides continuous improvement feedback; a key aspect of a strong and sustainable EHS compliance program.


TRC has provided hundreds of integrated multi-media compliance audits for clients ranging from energy facilities, commercial operations, industrial plants, and institutional campuses to federal installations. We conduct EHS compliance and management system audits of operations to evaluate current compliance status with applicable EHS requirements, then prepare detailed reports to suit the client’s interest typically including regulatory citations, summary of the regulatory requirements, observations and findings regarding the current status of compliance and recommended corrective actions, as applicable.

TRC's EHS Auditing Services

With TRC, you’ll work alongside compliance assurance experts to ensure all facets of your auditing processes
move in a timely, efficient and effective manner. Please contact us for more information.

Mobile Audit Link for EHS Compliance Management Improves Performance

TRCs Mobile Audit Link is a digital solution for auditing – a proactive collaborative and data-driven approach that streamlines data flow from the field to program managers, allowing you to manage your EHS management systems program more effectively, with less paperwork and less effort.

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