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Aligning the EHS Audit Program with Company Objectives

The strategic alignment of the EHSMS audit program with company objectives improves EHS performance and drives business success.

Improving EHS performance by Implementing an Effective Audit Program


One of TRC’s energy generation clients has developed, implemented and maintained a EHS compliance and management system auditing program (EHSMS) for many years. However, the client was concerned about the effectiveness of the program. In 2017, TRC began assisting the client to evaluate and develop an effective EHSMS audit program to help them obtain their EHS objectives.


Through this partnership, the EHSMS auditing program has been designed and modified to incorporate the following capabilities:

Risk Assessment Process

  • Evaluation of the risk-assessment processes
  • Identification and evaluation of site-specific risks
  • Evaluation of the effectiveness of risk control measures
  • Integration of risk-based audits within EHS compliance audits

Facility Observations and Interview Process

  • Emphasizing the importance of field observations and interviews to gain a more comprehensive understanding of employee knowledge and awareness of risks and adherence to EH&S procedures

Aligning Compliance with Management System Process

  • Establishing correlations between compliance observations and systemic weaknesses in the management system
  • Developing corrective action strategies designed to address the systemic deficiencies and minimize future occurrences

Corrective Actions through Verification Process

  • Implementing the verification audit process to assess whether audit findings were properly closed
  • Confirming preventative measures were implemented and maintained to minimize or eliminate the potential of reoccurrence

Performance Analysis Process

  • Developing and managing a database system (Mobile Audit Link) to allow for tracking completion of corrective action
  • Trend analysis of audit findings across the organization and within specific business units


As these improvements were implemented, the audit program’s alignment with company objectives became clear. The client was better able to obtain a deeper understanding of EHS risks and their underlying causes. With this understanding, the client has implemented improvements to its management systems and procedures to drive EHS compliance with regulatory and company requirements. Using the data provided, the company has been able to assess and further drive their corrective action process with a goal of preventing reoccurrences.

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