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Transaction Advisory Services - $7B Reshore Acquisition by a Global Private Equity Firm

Project Overview

TRC provided Transaction Advisory Services support to a global private equity firm in its acquisition of a $7B global company that focuses on cloud, mobility, technology lifecycle and supply chain and technology solutions. This plan enables its business partners to operate more efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve. The client has the following logistical framework:

  • Local sales offices and/or representatives in 59 countries
  • Over 200 logistic warehouse distribution and service centers worldwide
  • Represents over 1,600 suppliers, including several major global technology companies
  • Serves more than 170,000 customers in approximately 160 countries
  • Utilizes support from 35,000+ associates worldwide

Transaction Advisory Services

TRC reviewed multiple documents in a virtual data room (VDR) and distilled the information to key risks and opportunities that were potentially material to the transaction. Key topics included worker health and safety, COVID procedures, plans and tracking across the enterprise, as well as site development and remediation projects at certain warehouse/logistical locations. We also reviewed environmental capital expenditures necessary to stay in compliance, and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) risks and opportunities. TRC assembled a project team that consisted of professional resources from across the globe and we had four weeks to complete our work scope and to prepare high-level EHS and ESG due diligence reports.

Client Benefits

  • TRC provided the client with a due diligence and liability report with risk assessments after reviewing the EHS and ESG documents, policies and regulatory correspondence, which was conducted in a timely manner, keeping the client informed including its legal and ESG advisors of key issues and potential material costs via a desktop and VDR review.
  • TRC provide the client with the global delivery capability they needed and reviewed hundreds of documents, across EU, Asia, South and North America, to quickly identify any material risks and potential upside value creation opportunities. The review took place during the global pandemic, which we were able to address with our TRC health and safety experts capable of reviewing COVID guidelines and policies. It added a level of intricacy to the project, but we were able to advise the client on any potential material impact to the business.
  • TRC was able to prioritize the client’s key performance indicators (KPIs) and likely capex needs to improve its KPIs over time after conducting a deep-dive of worker health and safety procedures and KPIs that focused on the company’s processes and success stories.
  • TRC reviewed key ESG risks across the business including the management of electronic waste, conflict minerals, shipping of electronic materials across international jurisdictions, contract labor and greenhouse gas emissions from transportation and logistical mobility operations. This approach assisted the investment and operation teams in understanding opportunities for improvement post-acquisition.

Project Location: Over 200 international warehouse/distribution facilities

Completion Date: July 2021

TRC has the critical path expertise to help you with acquisitions, supply chain or logistics projects, onshoring of manufacturing or ecommerce warehouse and distribution centers. We are an integrated engineering and environmental advisory service with the reshoring solutions you need.

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