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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygiene Assessments

Safeguard the Work Environment to Protect Your Business

Providing Expertise to Overcome Safety Challenges and Create a Resilient Workforce

The costs associated with workplace injuries and illnesses can negatively impact these goals. The burden of workers’ compensation claims, including lost productivity, retraining and accommodation for injured employees, can eat away at the bottom line. Lack of attention to industrial hygiene can also impact worker morale, corporate image, and community relations.

TRC’s industrial hygienists understand the regulations that affect your industry. We strive to help our clients attain their risk management, cost containment, as well Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA) compliance goals. We do this by investing the time to understand your operations, workforce relations, monetary constraints, and priorities. We assign trained staff who bring regulatory experience and industry knowledge. Finally, we customize solutions, share risk and rewards, and pay attention to your bottom line. We operate as part of your team and develop long-term partnerships that bring both business results and professional growth.

TRC is committed to helping clients reap the benefits of an effective industrial hygiene program. We understand that companies need to be profitable, to fuel growth and to maintain a qualified work force.

Michelle Campbell

National Service Leader, Industrial Hygiene

Our industrial hygienists work closely with our ventilation system engineers to improve in-plant air quality for employees by providing customized, cost-effective engineered solutions to control industrial air emissions.

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