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Long-term Industrial Hygiene and Due Diligence Support for Facilities across the U.S.

Reduce Environmental Liabilities and Ensure Safe Building Conditions

Since 1996, TRC has partnered with a global banking institution to provide microbial assessments, indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments, asbestos consulting services, including surveys, project design and management, abatement oversight, preparation of operations and maintenance (O&M) plans, emergency response (large-scale water loss events), due diligence consulting services and environmental compliance audits at thousands of retail bank branch, data centers, call centers and campus locations throughout the United States.


Microbial Assessment Services
TRC performs microbial assessments using real-time instruments (e.g., moisture meters, infrared thermal imaging, ambient condition meters, etc.) and limited microbial sampling to detect moisture intrusion issues and evaluate indoor environments for conditions conducive to mold growth. Based on the data collected and the field inspections conducted by TRC’s experienced industrial hygienists, recommendations and specifications are identified to quickly remediate microbial contamination and relegate moisture intrusion sources/conditions.

IAQ Assessments
Our Certified Industrial Hygienists, experienced industrial hygienists and field personnel conduct inspections, data collection and evaluation of indoor air quality and contaminants of concern. IAQ measurements consist of measuring carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, relative humidity and temperature using real-time instruments and comparing the findings to applicable standards and/or guidelines.

In addition, TRC conducts sampling and laboratory analysis for other IAQ constituents such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs), metals and other site-specific contaminants of concern. Our professionals then develop recommendations and specifications to mitigate IAQ concerns.

Asbestos Consulting Services
Asbestos inspection services are performed for the client prior to renovation or demolition of facility locations. TRC provides a thorough inspection of the affected area(s) of interest, conducts bulk sampling of suspect asbestos materials, quantifies asbestos-containing materials and prepares inspection reports that delineate the location, quantity and condition of asbestos-containing materials and include employee certifications and laboratory data.

Abatement projects usually require the generation of abatement project design/specifications, project management and daily project oversight. Following completion of asbestos abatement projects, close-out reports are generated that include air monitoring data, daily logs, contractor sign-in sheets, waste manifests, employee certifications and laboratory data.

Due Diligence Consulting Services
ASTM compliant Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are conducted prior to property acquisition or lease to limit future environmental liability and to satisfy due diligence and innocent purchaser defense requirements (CERCLA liability). Services often include non-scope sampling for asbestos-containing materials. Depending on the outcome of the Phase I ESA, TRC provides limited subsurface assessments (Phase IIs), consisting of soil gas sampling, soil sampling and groundwater monitoring well installation and sampling.

Environmental Compliance Audits
TRC’s environmental compliance auditing team brings extensive experience and credentials and effective project management skills to support the client. Our team performs multisite environmental compliance audits at various campuses across the United States. Services include scheduling, pre-audit planning, audit site visits, draft report preparation, Service Provider and Corporate closeout meetings and final summary reporting. TRC conducts these services in accordance with the client’s priorities, workforce relations, operations and monetary and time constraints.

In addition, TRC provides legal register and applicability questionnaire development and implementation, and applicability analysis and reporting to monitor regulatory obligations associated with the O&M of the client’s facilities. TRC utilizes a comprehensive cloud-based tool to develop the legal register and monitor potential equipment and operations triggering applicability to legal register requirements.


TRC’s dedicated support to this client for over 25 years has ensured safe working conditions and efficient completion of renovation and demolition projects by quickly detecting and mitigating building contaminants. In addition, our programmatic capabilities equip the client to better overcome industrial hygiene challenges and continuously improve the conditions of their facilities by providing project management, awareness training and diligent oversight of O&M requirements.

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