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Building Sciences and Condition Assessments

Assessment and engineering to preserve and improve your property investments.

Nationwide property condition assessment, building forensics and building enclosure design and construction services

Whether your due diligence needs require inspection of existing buildings or those under construction, TRC has the depth of resources to help maintain and improve your real estate investments. Our nationwide staff has professional expertise in architecture, multiple engineering disciplines, and building sciences. We serve building owners and property managers in the financial, construction and insurance industries, as well as colleges, hospitals and institutions.

TRC provides on-site assessments for individual facilities or entire property portfolios to gather accurate, up-to-date data about existing assets and those targeted for acquisition or disposition. Our full-service consulting capabilities allow us to analyze building details from every angle and gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges faced during litigation, emergency repair projects, capital improvements and transactions.

We provide recommended cost alternatives and strategies to address each issue, and follow through with whatever design, construction and technical support clients might need to protect and maximize their real estate’s value.

Property Condition Assessment

TRC maintains a nationwide staff of experienced building professionals solely dedicated to Property Condition Assessment (PCA) services. TRC assessors are trained in all aspects of the ASTM E2018 – 15 guidelines that outline methods for performing property assessments and developing baseline conditions reports. In addition, our assessors have strong backgrounds in architecture, engineering and building science disciplines. We regularly provide this type of due diligence for clients involved with real estate transactions, litigation and maintenance or improvement planning.

TRC’s PCA services include:

  • Walk-through surveys
  • Interviews with building operations and management staff
  • Reviews of as-build documentation to assess exterior walls, windows, doors, canopies, balconies, terraces, stairs and roofs
  • Provide comprehensive reports that summarize observations, detail and quantify deficiencies
  • Provide cost alternatives for immediate, short- and long-term actions to preserve, improve or repair assets

Facility Condition Assessment

Facility Condition Assessments (FCAs) include the base scope of services outlined in the ASTM Standard for PCAs, with additional services for building owners and facility managers who require long-term planning for their owned facilities. FCA services can range from standard reporting with cost estimates to on-going consulting with implementation or data entry for facility management software packages for clients with multiple facilities to track.

Building Forensics

Using state-of-the-art investigative technologies and methods, TRC can accurately evaluate fully developed or partially constructed real estate assets that may be damaged, worn down or pose negative cost impacts.

We can test roofing, windows, doors, cladding, insulation systems, and exterior joints and layers to investigate R-values, weather resilience, hazardous materials risks and estimated useful life (EUL) using destructive and non-destructive testing, including thermal imaging, seismic monitoring, and building security assessments.

Our testing and analysis provide critical pre-construction data for emergency repairs, mold removal, renovations and abatements, and accessibility improvements, as well determination of Scenario Expected Loss (SEL), LEED certification and energy cost containment programs.

Building Enclosure Design and Construction

TRC’s multidisciplinary staff can follow through on field analysis and advance our recommendations through construction. We have the architects and civil/site, structural and MEP staff to produce the final designs, oversee bidding and construction, and perform final closeout to verify that completed work is code-compliant and meets approved plans and specifications.

Construction Loan Monitoring Services

TRC’s facility specialists are experienced in providing services related to construction monitoring for progress payments and related needs. TRC will evaluate draw requests submitted by the contractor for payment and can track actual project completion versus the original schedule.

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