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Long-term Comprehensive Management of Environmental Programs for Beacon Capital

TRC continues to work with Beacon Capital on an on-call basis for all environmental services


Since 2014, TRC has completed numerous environmental compliance and assessment projects with Beacon Capital across the U.S. Beacon has comprehensive environmental compliance, monitoring and emergency response programs for all of its properties which requires effective management to ensure program success. TRC also supports due diligence processes as new properties are acquired.


TRC has partnered with Beacon to provide ongoing support for the effective management of environmental related concerns at all of their assets throughout the U.S. TRC developed programs that were specifically tailored for Beacon as owners of commercial office/retail and life science buildings. To support Beacon’s environmental programs, TRC provides a variety of environmental services including but not limited to:

  • Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Data Management and Industrial Hygiene (IH) Investigations Reporting
  • Asbestos Consulting and Demolition Subcontracting Services
  • Routine Water Leak Management
  • Life Science Environmental Tenant Review
  • Geotechnical Consulting
  • Storage Tank Assessment and Decommissioning
  • Site Remediation and Regulatory Closure Services
  • Air Permitting Consulting Services

TRC performs environmental due diligence at the time a prospective acquisition is planned. As part of the process, TRC determines expected environmental capital costs that will be likely required over the ownership period of the asset, which is typically five years. Subsequent to the purchase of the asset, TRC performs periodic site visits to each property in the US to review operations and assist the property team with identifying and subsequently mitigating any environmental concerns.

During Beacon’s ownership, TRC conducts asbestos surveys prior to any renovation or demolition activities that may occur in the buildings. If asbestos is identified, TRC manages and oversees the removal of the asbestos.

TRC also provides water leak management of all leaks that may occur in Beacon’s buildings. Tasks usually include moisture mapping, developing emergency response scopes of work and overseeing the water leak response contractor to help ensure the expeditious completion of water mitigation efforts. TRC effectively manages water leak cleanup by using our Mobile Data Solutions application to collect, analyze, manage and report data efficiently and effectively. This approach substantially shortens the time a mitigation contractor responds to a leak. TRC communicates the scopes of work by using a project customized password protected web application that provides all information to the mitigation contractor, Client and others with near real-time project progress, including detail for each day throughout the project.


TRC continues to work with Beacon Capital on an on-call basis for all environmental services. Our experienced professionals consistently perform high quality and thorough work to help mitigate risks that are commonplace in commercial office and life science buildings. In addition, these services help ensure continuity at all Beacon properties.

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TRC thinks like an owner, making sure our services help ensure continuity at all Beacon properties.

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