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Industrial Hygiene Consulting Services

Long-term, Reliable Service Provider for Industrial Hygiene Needs

TRC has been providing ongoing industrial hygiene consulting services to a large corporate facility since January 2007.

This work has included:
• Asbestos investigations, designs, and project monitoring throughout multiple extensive renovations of the  corporate facility in Bloomfield, CT
• Full hazardous materials surveys (ACM, LBP, PCBs, mercury, CFCs, and other hazardous materials)
• Provided abatement designs and abatement/demolition oversight of seven buildings that were demolished in Connecticut
• Asbestos and indoor air quality testing services at facilities owned by the client nationally

Financial details of the extent of work performed by TRC are confidential and protected under attorney client privilege. Project locations included Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Montana, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, California and Arizona.

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