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Fredericksburg, VA

Confined Space Hazard Assessment and Program Evaluation

Creating Modern Solutions to Improve Safety Programs


A confidential client in Virginia requested a thorough hazard assessment of confined spaces throughout the County operations. Specifically, these services will focus on modernizing the confined space program to accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Onsite auditing/assessments of multiple County locations to identify permit and non-permit confined spaces of approximately 150 locations to include, but not limited to the following:
    • Solid waste landfill
    • Solid waste convenience centers (13)
    • Composting and ancillary equipment
    • Wastewater treatment plants (3)
    • Water treatment plants (2)
    • Storage tanks
    • Sewer pump and water booster stations
  2. Opportunities to remove the identified confined space by utilizing OSHA hierarchy of controls.
  3. A cloud based confined space entry solution that includes an auditing/assessment.
  4. Ability to order and install confined space labeling that is consistent across the County.


TRC conducted a confined space hazard assessment for over 400 spaces to evaluate the hazards that exist or potentially exist based on the use of the space, products or materials stored in the space, existing entry conditions, and/or access/egress issues.

The hazard assessment documented the following:

  • Hazards by type:
    -Potential atmospheric hazards
    -Physical hazards
  • Location by GIS coordinates, department, and facility.
  • Safety equipment required for entry.
  • Photograph of the space and signage.

The assessment determined if the space is considered a Permit or Non-Permit Confined Space. TRC collected the data by using TRC’s Mobile Data Solutions app, customized for the County operations.


TRC was able to complete 412 confined space hazard assessments and provide detailed documentation of each space. The assessment allowed the County to upgrade the confined space inventory, revise their program and ensure proper signage for each space.

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