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Health and Safety Programs, Assessment and Compliance

Safety Compliance Programs

Assure Safe Operations While Reducing Regulatory Risks

Keeping up and complying with ever-changing health and safety regulations at the federal and state levels are challenges all industries face. Our safety professionals help develop effective compliance strategies to identify and close compliance gaps. As part of TRC’s overall compliance strategy, the following safety services provide the required assurance of regulatory compliance as well as a roadmap to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

Safety Compliance Program Services

TRC provides experienced safety professionals to help clients identify applicable health and safety requirements and then prepare and implement a program to assure compliance and workplace safety. Our approach includes recognition of the applicable requirements, development of programs, or procedures to meet the requirements, establishing the proper tools and equipment for safe operation, as well as the training and support to implement and maintain the compliance program.

In addition to these Safety Services, TRC also offers Federal Railroad Administration (FRA) and Federal Transit Administration (FTA) Safety Programs services, including general requirements, triennial inspections, public transportation agency safety plan (PTASP) and system safety program (SSP) plans.

Safety Compliance Programs Services

With TRC, you’ll work alongside Safety Compliance experts to ensure all facets of your processes
are safe, efficient and effective. Please contact us for more information.

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