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Reshoring Environmental Solutions to Support Supply Chain and Logistical Optimization

Integrated engineering and environmental advisory services that support the optimization of critical supply chains, and the real estate development of new or repurposed property.

Reshoring Solutions that provide you with a strategic action plan and helps you minimize costs, mitigate risks, optimize ROI, and get to closing faster.

TRC has critical-path expertise for reshoring manufacturing, or repurposing or redeveloping property to meet your ecommerce supply chain, warehousing, transportation, or production facility needs. We help you meet the challenges of the changing global supply chain, the onshoring of manufacturing and the rapid expansion of ecommerce with integrated, full-service advisory services.

Increased Demand for Industrial and Commercial Real Estate.

Shifts in supply chain and logistics due to the global pandemic, climate change, and other economic factors is creating an increase for more warehouse and distribution centers, transportation corridors, access to hubs and ports, and other supply chain e-commerce related resources. There is also an accelerated demand for industrial and commercial real estate for new or repurposed production and warehouse facilities as manufacturers are looking to optimize their supply chain and logistics.


PDF of Reshoring Integrated Services


Whether you need help with site selection and evaluation, environmental planning and permitting, engineering and design, procurement and construction, or due diligence and transaction support, TRC can help you take advantage of these changing market trends.

Investors. Developers. Attorneys.

We help investors by providing timely validations and commercialized risk assessments for acquiring and operating warehouse and distribution supply chain assets, so you can get to closing faster, reduce your cost exposures and help you increase ROI of assets post-purchase.

We provide developers lifecycle solutions that streamline development and operational costs, even for the most complex sites, including issues regarding sustainability and the decarbonization of industry. Whether it’s developing property for reshored manufacturing or e-commerce warehouse or distribution sites, TRC helps you finish projects faster, mitigates your risks and optimizes your ROI, including the availability of strategy experts to guide you through complex projects.

And with a global team to assess a property’s environmental and construction risks, we provide attorneys with a concise, commercial summary and actionable roadmap of critical issues and cost estimates so that you can close projects in a timely manner with a high degree of confidence.

We have the experience and expertise to provide you with solutions for reshoring manufacturing, and repurposing or redeveloping property to meet your ecommerce supply chain needs, including assessment of the impact that emerging chemicals, such as PFAS, can have on property values and redevelopment strategies.

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