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Seattle, Washington

Site Characterization and Remediation for Urban Redevelopment Project

A large, nationally-recognized real estate developer retained TRC just prior to breaking ground on a property in South Lake Union, Seattle, to aid in the soil characterization, waste disposal support, and over-arching regulatory approach during redevelopment of the Site. Due to the presence of off-site soil and groundwater contamination surrounding the property, TRC worked closely with the Client to develop a clear approach to handle the contamination within and beyond the property boundaries in a manner consistent with state regulations. This will ultimately allow the Clients to sell the property with little, or no, remaining environmental liability in order to retain its maximum resale value.

Site Characterization and Remediation for Urban Redevelopment Project

Site Characterization and Remediation for Urban Redevelopment Project

During the installation of below-ground shoring features and soil removal efforts, TRC worked with the Client’s geotechnical, shoring, and general contractors to efficiently and cost-effectively gather important environmental data while minimizing disruptions to ongoing site operations. By understanding the fundamental belief that “time is money”, TRC was able to efficiently work on multiple work areas within the same property and coordinate with the different contractors to maximize production and remain on schedule.

As part of our commitment to continually serve our Clients, TRC provided the Clients with strategic data objectives to aid in the potential development of cost-recovery claims if the Clients decided to evaluate that option. In addition, our experience with the real, or perceived threat of vapor intrusion and the potential for considerable devaluation of the property following development, TRC worked with the Client to properly select a vapor barrier for the buildings to effectively mitigate the potential threat resulting from an off-property groundwater plume containing chlorinated solvents.

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