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Remediation and Materials Management 

Sediment Remediation

Creative and scientific solutions to your impacted sediment management and remediation objectives.

Successfully Managing Clients’ Contaminated Sediment Issues

TRC prides itself on developing effective solutions for our clients’ sediment remediation.  

Our creative, scientific solutions and strategies rely on decades of engineering and construction management expertise, utilizing investigative methods from risk evaluation to remedial options analysis, to efficiently manage impacted sediment at numerous complex project sites.  

Our long record as an engineer and remediation contractor for various remedy projects, including monitored natural recovery, thin layer covers recovery, capping, in situ treatment, river restoration, removal-in-the-dry, and wet dredging approaches.  

With a site-specific and holistic approach, we can address clients’ remediation challenges in a cost-effective manner and to gain site closure. Our numerous sediment remediation services include: 

  • Strategic and technical planning 
  • Regulatory/Stakeholder group assistance 
  • Cost-effective site characterization 
  • Empirical and numerical modeling 
  • Ecological and human health risk assessments 
  • Bench- and pilot-scale studies 
  • Integrated shoreline development and contaminated sediment management 
  • Remedial alternatives analysis 
  • Sediment remediation design 
  • Remediation Engineering Services 
  • Phase I / Site Assessment Services 
  • Risk Assessment & Toxicology Services 
  • Public communications assistance (e.g., visual presentations of proposed remedy, and technical and risk communications) 
  • Permit acquisition 
  • Innovative sediment capping and in situ treatment technologies 
  • Environmental dredging 
  • Construction management/turnkey solutions 
  • Site restoration 
  • Performance-based remediation, delivering cost, schedule, and regulatory certainty 
  • Remedy performance monitoring 
  • Cost allocation expertise (e.g., PCBs, mercury, dioxin, PAHs, in-depth knowledge of related industrial processes) 
  • Natural Resource Damage assessment assistance 

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