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Remediation and Materials Management 

Guaranteed Fixed-Price Remediation

Industry-leading solutions for the comprehensive resolution of environmental cleanup liability.

Transforming environmentally impaired real estate into valuable assets.

Environmental cleanup liabilities are financially unpredictable because despite the best efforts at due diligence, actual site conditions remain largely uncertain until the work is well underway. Such uncertainties can make remediation projects unmanageable with significant budgets and deadlines overrun and increased risksTRC’s GFPR program provides financial predictability and cost-effective and efficient solutions to help clients manage environmental risks and clean up contaminated properties.   


TRC’s GFPR Incorporates Five Elements of Risk Management to Fully Resolve Environmental Cleanup Risks.   

 Alignment of Goals and Interests 

Our clients rely upon the budgets we develop for their remediation projects because we share in the financial outcome (benefit and pain) where project cleanup resolves easily and when challenges arise. Our clients’ GFPR plans are developed and executed to reliably resolve environmentally contaminated assets.    

 Offering Superior Technical Expertise  

Our 5,000 technical experts—comprised of highly experienced engineers, scientists, MBAs, attorneys and insurance professionals—develop site-specific regulatory strategies and remedial risk modeling to effectively budget and design projects from inception to completion. The services provided include:   

  • Regulatory Compliance  
  • Remediation Engineering Services  
  • Phase I / Site Assessment Services  
  • Risk Assessment & Toxicology Services  
  • Sediment Remediation Services 
  • Program Management 
  • Construction Management 
  • Litigation expert support 
  • Life-cycle cost and footprint analysis 

 Creating Strategies that Satisfy Our Clients’ Goals  

Our clients’ GFPR plans are designed to achieve projected goals for environmentally contaminated properties, including:  

  • Purchase/Sale transactions  
  • Resolution of a legacy liability  
  • Cleanup/Re-Positioning of a currently operating asset  

 Providing Environmental Risk Resolution  

GFPR employs the full array of risk mitigation tools—contractual protections, cash-flow projections/management, site-specific insurance products—while working closely with our clients’ legal and insurance advisors to address and resolve all remedial risks associated with their contaminated asset.     

 Employing GFPR Market Leadership     

Since 1996, we have provided clients with expert GFPR contracts that mitigate the risk of cleanup cost overruns for both Seller and Buyer, providing a remedial liability resolution for a reliable cost. Our GFPR team has resolved:  

  • $650 MM remediation risk  
  • 115 sites  
  • 50 contracts  
  • $7 BB existing/planned asset value  
  • $200 BB aggregate enterprise value of environmental risk assessed 
  • A proven success with no further action at >75% sites (2018) 

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