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Brownfields Redevelopment

Working with clients to identify, prioritize, assess and redevelop sites with innovative, cost-efficient strategies

Brownfields Program Expertise for the Public and Private Sector

Brownfields redevelopment projects can be extremely complex, and it is imperative to have a knowledgeable source on-site helping you navigate the work from start to finish. As a leading consultant to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Brownfields Program, TRC has long worked with the public and private sector to develop and implement solutions to reach cost-efficient regulatory closure and achieve redevelopment goals.

We work closely with cities, towns, regional planning commissions, councils of government, developers and corporations to identify and prioritize targeted sites and we draw on our experience to create tailor-made programs that overcome the challenges of assessment, cleanup and revolving loan fund grants, all at the best value. We maintain close working relationships with public sector funding agencies in order to be well-positioned to help our clients submit successful applications for loans and grants.

In addition to ensuring our clients have the proper financing in place for capital projects, our goals are for the government to feel comfortable that all reasonable alternatives for funding have been considered and for staff and elected officials to understand the financial impact of the proposed funding. Once project funding sources have been identified, we can provide assistance to local governments with citizen education and community engagement to help build public consensus if needed. We can develop preliminary engineering reports to meet the specific requirements of a funding agency, complete the environmental investigations and reports required by state or federal programs, and provide design and construction phase services for projects funded via these programs. Further, we have experience helping the community manage state and federal guidelines and reporting requirements to maintain compliance while the project is underway.


Our vast experience includes:

  • Creative reuse planning with integrated cleanup
  • Strategies to obtain additional project funding
  • Phase I ESA /due diligence Support
  • Phase II ESA /subsurface investigation and delineation
  • Remediation of contaminated property
  • Abatement of hazardous building materials
  • Innovative redevelopment approaches
  • Risk assessment and toxicology services
  • In-depth understanding of federal and state requirements
  • Promoting smart growth with sustainable solutions
  • Guaranteed fixed-price remediation (GFPR) services
  • State-specific grant programs, revolving loan funds, and bond programs

We are always proud to work alongside clients on these projects, which involve the remediation of existing, environmentally impacted properties, as they make for one of the most practical and sustainable construction options in our industry.

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