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As one of the most comprehensive service providers in the industry, we are improving how assets are developed, engineered and operated.

Don't settle for the status quo

From development to operations, TRC helps reduce project delays, enhances communication between teams and takes a proactive approach to get projects off the ground and moving forward.

TRC understands the needs of your project lifecycle and can support them from the initial planning and development stages, through the construction and operations of your assets. We recognize that in today’s competitive market, it is imperative to drive both schedule and budget to deliver work to support getting projects completed in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner possible.

As one of the most comprehensive service providers in the pipeline and midstream industry, TRC understands the ever-changing landscape of the energy industry and the challenges, both new and old, that operators face. In response, we have aligned and integrated our services from front-end engineering and design (FEED), through permitting and project execution, and finally integrity engineering, maintenance and right-of-way vegetation management. Our experts understand the dynamic forces that drive project success and how to manage cost, schedule and quality during the execution phase and beyond.

Our capabilities and experience extend far beyond pipelines and their associated facilities to include exploration and production, gas and liquids storage, import and export terminals, LNG liquefaction, regasification, gas processing and energy transition projects involving the transportation and storage of hydrogen and CO2.

Looking for effective solutions to your problems?

Turn to the experts at TRC.

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